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How do you like your Smart Home dashboard?

This setup is using the Homekit smart home ecosystem, this is definitely an Apple household.

We pull everything in that is not Homekit compatble with the help of Homebridge. Throughout the home we have setup automations & scenes to control lights (day & night executions). Fan and air quality notification setups including furnace shut off. We have temperature & humidity sensors in key locations to trigger fan or the right temperature.

The final piece for this household was a dashboard to control the entire home! Because of the preference for Apple Homekit control, we went with an iPad 10.2. The tablet is permanently mounted in position, when approached the display turns on and allows you to see and control your entire smart home.

Looking forward to setting up your Smart Home & dashboard...

Always Installed, Setup & Fully Explained!

What would you use?

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  • 0%Google Home?

  • 0%Alexa?

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