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Who we are & what we do...

It's difficult to put into words exactly what we do, but here goes...


Some people like cars, others video gaming or walks in nature.  I love gadgets, electronics, smart home products & smart home automations.  So much so that I've spun my passion into a small business.  I call it First Born Son Home Services and yes I am the first born son.


  In my own home I will primarily look for tech that will enhance or improve your day to day.  I realized that there was a business there as my neighbour would at times forget to close their garage door.  When I told him there was a product on the market that would help with his open door problem, he said sign me up "whatever the cost".  We've since setup, lights, locks, Ring doorbell & security floodlight camera.  He’s so grateful as tech isn’t his thing (he's is however a master electrician), nor is it a lot of people’s thing.


That’s where First Born Son Home Services comes in.  We can help you get the right products setup & installed in your home or business.  In fact, on a number of installs I have been able to help homeowners discover & setup garage openers they didn’t know they had, get that TV setup just right, that wifi printer working wirelessly or just some iPhone tips & tricks.  We are kind of like a Geek Squad, but better and more responsive…


The base services we offer include installing the right video doorbell for your needs, wireless security systems & cameras.  For the garage we offer a range of products, smart wifi garage door opener to control the door from your phone, power cut switch to turn off your opener at night or when you are on vacation.  While in the garage we can automate your lights or install a stick up camera.


Alternatively, if you have an item that you can’t install, we'll likely to be able to figure it out for you.  Or you do want to make it easier for your aged parent(s) to get onto Netflix or FaceTime you or just be safe & secure, there may be a way?


My primary goal is to create customers for life, who will become advocates for my business with their friends & family in the lower mainland.  We don’t have a one and done pricing model, it’s fair & transparent.


Have a tech challenge, give us a shot, you’ll be glad you did! 



I am so impressed with Martin’s professionalism and knowledge. He is always on time, provides options, listens to my needs, and recommends the best options for our family. I am very comfortable relying on his knowledge to make my home automation customizable, safe, and more enjoyable. Thank you, Martin! I recommend him without a second thought.


Martin provides amazing service! He helped us set up our Ring security system, 3 cameras and ring door bell. He is so thorough and a great resource of information. The Ring water sensor caught a leak from our hot water tank a week after installing. The system has already paid for it's self by catching the leak. Martin helped our home lose all it's dead spots with a wifi mesh system and we are now streaming easily thanks to him. Thank you for all your help Martin!

Amazing attitude and listened to my personal needs. Always punctual and worked within my busy schedule. I’m new to home automation and Martin explained and Demonstrated all the Devices and functions and has been available for any of my silly questions. Had cameras, alarm, lights, and Alexa speakers for total home sound and functionality. Highly recommend Martin and First Born Son Home Automation

Martin is a true professional. I described what I was looking for and he came up with a solution that was even better than what I was imagining. He was on time for both meetings, he did first class work and solved a major problem I had with security. I highly recommend Martin and will be using his services again with some of the home automation he offers

First Born Son Home Services is the premier home automation service provider. Martin is very professional, very responsible and very knowledgeable. His prices are reasonable, and can work towards a solution for you and your home based on all different budgets. Martin provided the following services for me: Ring home alarm install and set-up, smart lock install and set-up, two ring doorbell install and set-ups, integration between my Lutron smart lights, Smart TVs and thermostat with Alexa, troubleshooting my Smarthome set-up and also automating my gas fireplace. I am very impressed by the products and service, and I will continue to recommend and use First Born Son Home Services, for all my future needs.




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