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A Smart Lesson in Home Automation: My Personal Encounter with the Unexpected


As the brains behind First Born Son Home Services, I’ve always prided myself on being ahead of the curve in smart home automation. Our homes are our sanctuaries, and I believe in equipping them with the best technology to ensure safety, comfort, and efficiency. However, a recent incident at my own home served as a humbling reminder that even the experts can overlook something crucial.

The Oversight:

In my home, technology reigns supreme. From monitoring the freezer temperature to keeping tabs on the humidity levels, and from flood sensors under every possible leak point to tracking our comings and goings, I thought I had it all covered. But, as I recently discovered, I had missed a critical spot – the refrigerator with a water dispenser.

The Incident:

While I was out touring the island, a minor disaster struck. The water pipe to my fridge burst, and water began to flood the kitchen. Fortunately, my son, Luke, was home to catch this mishap just in time. This incident could have led to significant damage had he not been there. It was a stark revelation: despite my extensive setup, I had overlooked placing a flood sensor under the fridge – a simple oversight with potentially significant consequences.

The Lesson:

This experience was a wake-up call. It underscored the importance of a truly comprehensive smart home system. No stone should be left unturned when it comes to protecting our homes. The lesson I learned is that even with an array of smart sensors, there’s always room for improvement and vigilance.

Our Commitment:

At First Born Son Home Services, we learn from every experience. This incident has not only strengthened my resolve to be more thorough but also deepened my understanding of home automation needs. I’m now more equipped than ever to ensure that your home is fully covered, down to the last detail.


Your home’s security and efficiency are paramount. This personal experience has enhanced our approach to home automation, making our services more robust and attentive. If you’re looking to fortify your home with the most comprehensive smart home solutions, look no further. At First Born Son Home Services, we bring the expertise, the experience, and now, an even greater attention to detail. Contact us today, and let’s make your home smarter and safer, together.

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