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For over 85 years, BGC has been giving children and youth something they all deserve: a place to really belong when they aren’t at home or school. At our 11 neighbourhood based Clubs and Camp Potlatch, our people – cool, young mentors and role models – bond with kids by seeing and hearing them, and accepting them for who they uniquely are. They use activities – sports, homework clubs, creative arts, cooking, leadership opportunities, and access to the on-line world and the outdoors – as tools to connect with kids. The result? Kids choose to belong here.  The organization also offers specialized counselling, family supports, and employment programs.  Annually, BGC serves more than 1,000 kids a day, and over 10,000 children, youth and families.

I've been an Adult Volunteer Leader at BGC South Coast BC in their Langley Club since 2019.  That's why it's difficult to book me Thursday afternoons. I'm with the kids, likely playing Hot Wheels or Hockey or printing colouring pages...


First Born Son Home Services is proud to announce that we are proud supporters of this fantastic organization.  Part of the proceeds from our services go to support the BGC Langley Club through BGC South Coast BC


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