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What we do?

Smart Home Consultation:
Help with Electronics:
Senior Services:

Have you recently purchased a new or resale home that has smart home products installed already-like lights, smoke detector, doorbell or smart range that you don't know how to control or make work?

As part of our Smart Home Evaluation, we'll evaluate all the smart home accessories in your new home.  We try to make existing devices work or offer suitable replacements as suggestions required.  We'll also work with you to configure your smart home using Alexa, Google or Siri.

We do it all!

Need a new TV, Home Theatre setup or just can't get your AV receiver to work right?

If you don't know what to buy or what will work for your particular setup or needs, we can work with you to select, purchase, setup & optimize your Home Theatre or TV setup.

Expertise in Sonos home theatre products.

Helping seniors select & configure reasonably priced TV & sound systems to improve their TV viewing & listening experience.

Do you want to make sure your parents are safe & secure.  Install a Ring doorbell to always know who's at their door.  Security systems with panic buttons.

If you're not good with technology, we are and will make it as easy as possible for you

Garage Security:

For starters you should never leave your garage remote in your car, especially in plain view.  You're just asking to have your car broken into & a visit late at night while you're fast asleep.  Or have you ever left your garage door open at night, or left home & wondered if the garage door is closed?  

Wonder no more, with a Smart Wifi Garage Door Opener your door will close automatically, you will always know the status of your door with open close notifications. Ditch the remote & make your garage safer!

**Add power cut technology

Home Security:
Security Cameras:

Protect your Home with Ring Security, self or professionally monitored with the some of the lowest monitoring fees on the market.  Of course you can use Telus, but when you own your equipment you will be ahead of what you would pay to Telus by about the half way point of your 2 or 3 year CONTRACT.  Plus we will show you how your Home Security system can also control your Smart Home.  Think of lights being turned on automatically when people are detected or doors are opened.  We will make Alexa tell you which doors are open or closed or whatever you want from your Smart Home & assistant.

Remember that a Video Doorbell is a security camera.  It will give you motion or person detect notification as well as always allow you to know who is at your front door!

We specialize in Ring security with new cameras installed, setup, optimized & fully explained how to get the most out of your system.

We also do Nest, Eufy, Lorex & other makes of security cameras and setups

We do much more, hit Get More Info to tell us what you're looking for?
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